Karrlie Jean White

DOB 16 May 2002

This page is going to be for my little girl who brightens my day when ever I have her.

She is now 3 going on 13! And I have all I can do to keep up with her.

This picture was taken summer 2003 right before I was deployed.

My being gone for 8 months and only seeing her for a few days before I left was hard. Then seeing her dad with big owwies on his legs didn't help. It took her about 2 months of visiting me at her aunts house before she would get near me.

Here she is going 4wheeling with daddy on Memorial Day weekend.

Right now I get to have her for 2 weeks every month. It has been great for me because it helps me stay active.


Well as of Sept 2006 I was awarded custody of Karrlie. She started Pre-School in Sept 2006 too.


She is doing just great at school and really enjoys her time there. We had a sledding party right before Christmas.



Then at the end of the Nursery Rhymes section we had a Tea Party. Well Karrlie was just cutie as a button.


Karrlie got her own computer for Christmas along with a matching computer desk.


Karrlie is growing up and is a very nice young lady. She started kindergarten this year and has 9 other classmates. There is a plus to going to a small town/school.

Her school went on a field trip for Halloween.


Well Karrlie has been growing. She is now in 1st grade and really liking school.

                            1st day of school 1st grade.


             Here she is helping dad work on the Jeep.